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Oncam Grandeye names MightyScribe Global head of media relations

6 '12
MightyScribe is working with Palomar Communications on SDN and Openflow technologies.  

6 '10
MightyScribe works with Levi Rabinowitz on crisis management. 

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Vicki isn't just a publicist. She's a terrific editor who makes me a better writer. And when it comes to research, she should legally change her last name to "guru of search."  -- Sam Moffie


Here are some recent links showcasing the writing quality that sets Vicki apart. 

  • A 2015 series of stories in SourceSecurity.com
    This story, http://us.sourcesecurity.com/news/articles/16653.html, was the second-most read of the year.

  • Assess, Identify & Protect
    Vicki Contavespi (attributed to L. Bowe, client) published in Security, Technology & Design, December 2008

    Technology has come a long way since the Sept. 11 terror attacks. ID cards are a lot smarter; biometrics read eyeballs and fingerprints; sensors sniff out explosives; cameras see in the dark--and sophisticated software brings everyting together.  But knowing where the threat originated, where it is now and where it is going is the key objective of any effective security system, and if your perimeter is porous, you're lost.  (
    Read more.....)

  • Abraham Energy Report Urges Energy Tech Revolution
    Written with Secretary Spencer Abraham (former Sec. of Energy) and Hans Kobler; published nationally 2/11/09

    As President Barack Obama and members of Congress consider adopting a comprehensive energy strategy to  address the nation's critical energy needs, they should look at leveraging scarce federal dollars to motivate private investment in energy technology to develop long-term solutions. (Read more.....) 

  • Homeland Security and Defense Business Council
    A series of monographs on cyber security, aviation security and information sharing.

The following are stories Vicki wrote while at Forbes--the kind that got her a Loeb Nomination for excellence in business writing. They illustrate an ability to communicate technical information in a way that is readable and, most importantly, understandable.

  • Pipe dreams
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 03.01.99

    "In the red-hot telecommunications market, speed and bandwidth are the new Holy Grails. Companies have made headway in solving data storage and memory problems in recent years, as personal and corporate computing needs have grown, but there is an ever increasing demand for speed, especially in the wire connecting our computers to the outside world." (Read more...)

  • GSM technology wins another round
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 02.18.99

    "As part of the deal, Nortel Networks will provide services such as switches and a $16 million vendor financing program. The extra $4 million is to cover authorized third-party expenses like engineering, construction and site acquisition." (Read more...)

  • Almost debutantes
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 01.28.99

    "To be considered an Affiliate, a company must be working on developments that are supportive of an existing Newbridge Network product. Also, it must be developing core competencies that are outside of Newbridge's. Some work on underlying technologies, some on applications to work on top of a network." (Read more...)

  • Nurturing the future
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 01.28.99

    "In 1992 Newbridge Networks' chairman and chief executive officer, Terence Matthews, came up with a novel idea for incubating the technology his company needed: Newbridge would grow its own high tech firms, not acquire them. Matthews, who grew up in Newbridge, Wales, began his telecommunications career at 16 with British Telecom Research Labs. He cofounded Mitel Corp., which made PBXs, and then moved on to found Newbridge Networks nn (nn) in 1986." (Read more...)

  • Roth marches on
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 01.23.99

    "Senator Roth, 77, is a Republican from Delaware. He began his congressional career in 1966 when he was elected to the House of Representatives. After two terms there, he became a Senator in 1970. He is currently the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. The Roth IRA was created by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997." (Read more...)

  • "I hope we know what we're doing"
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes.com, 12.24.98

    "Last June Forbes Digital Tool looked into some top performing mutual funds. We were surprised by what we found. Their returns had as much to do with stakes in private companies as they did with the performance of the public companies the funds owned. " (Read more...)

  • The Best Defense is a good offense
    Vicki Contavespi, Forbes Magazine, 03.14.94

    "SHORTLY AFTER 10 p.m. the two Canadian businessmen finished dinner at a restaurant on Beauchamp Place in London. They began strolling back to the Sheraton Park Tower in Knights bridge. As they turned up a side street, they ran into five skinheads practicing martial arts moves. The Canadians crossed the street, but the leader of the skinheads jogged in front of them and said: "Hey, mate, have you got some money for us?" (Read more...)

To see more of the work she did at Forbes, go to www.forbes.com and enter "Vicki Contavespi" into the search engine. Or, just use  Google to find her!


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