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10 '12
Check out Sam's video for To Kill the Duke!!


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Vicki isn't just a publicist. She's a terrific editor who makes me a better writer. And when it comes to research, she should legally change her last name to "guru of search."  -- Sam Moffie

09.04 '16
Cyber security and the safety of the grid are paramount.

04.28 '16
Drone Labs sets up worldwide partnership network 

03.24 '14 
Oncam Technologies releases OnVu360 Management Platform. A real game changer. www.oncamtech.com 


MightyScribe is global head of media relations for Oncam Grandeye 

01.21 '12  

To Kill the Duke, by Sam Moffie, is done, and is being optioned for a Hollywood film! Will soon be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., and it's a great read! Stay tuned for more info, and check out www.tokilltheduke.com! 

02.20 '11  

MightyScribe signs three new clients --

United States Industry CoalitionThe OSINT Group, and Orion Technologies

12.10. '10 Monograph on Information Sharing now at Government Security News.

11.10. '10  
Monograph on Cyber Security now at Government Security News!

10.10 '10  
Microsoft gave China the source code to Windows in lieu of being shut out of the market, according to Richard Clarke'sCyber War. Read more cyber news in the Cyber Security Monograph below.

09.10 '10  
Monograph on Aviation Security now at Government Security News! 

04.21 '07 

Rare Forbes interview by Contavespi with John Kluge resurfaces. Read about how he donated millions to Columbia University. 

03.06 '07

Contavespi impressed the United States Industry Coalition with her "inside knowledge" of the media's tactics, and presented tips on how to do an effective interview.  If you "get the call" be prepared -- dial up MightyScribe!

05.22 '06

MightyScribe, Inc., a resource for national and trade media, announces its corporate formation today. The company's goal is to be a "sources bureau" for national and trade media, working to connect reporters who cover security, homeland and otherwise, with experts who can provide background, context and analysis. (Read more...)

05.18 '06

MightyScribe underwrites National Public Radio at WNYC and WAMU
A truly fair and balanced news media is critical to a free and democratic nation. MightyScribe is committed to keeping programs like "All Things Considered," "Fresh Air," and "Morning Edition" on the air waves, and is sponsoring all of the above during the weeks of May 22 and May 29, 2006.


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