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Vicki isn't just a publicist. She's a terrific editor who makes me a better writer. And when it comes to research, she should legally change her last name to "guru of search."  -- Sam Moffie


Vicki Contavespi, the scribe behind MightyScribe, knows great sources make for great stories, and that new technologies can change our world. Her dozen years as a reporter and writer at Forbes (where she was nominated for the Loeb Award, business journalism's highest honor) taught her that good reporting doesn’t come out of a vacuum. Knowledgeable sources with major-league expertise in their field are essential to bring a story to life. Having worked in the security industry for the past 12 years, Vicki knows all the players and the reporters who cover the space, and is intimately acquainted with a myriad of technologies.

MightyScribe gets its heft because of its ready access to reporters. We have successfully aided powerful media outlets by working directly with reporters and producers to find them appropriate sources.We have introduced new companies and their products to relevant trade publications and into the mainstream. Our personal contacts will make you mighty! MightyScribe’s track record includes client placement with the following media outlets:


We work with dynamic marketing and management partners such as  Vector, a security-industry management consulting company, as well as McParlin Partners, a content provider for individuals and corporations comprised of former Dow Jones and Forbes writers and editors.

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